Ticket apps have completely changed how we think about buying tickets. Instead of calling for tickets weeks ahead of time to make sure that they are shipped to us in time, the game has changed.

We use apps for just about everything today. We check our bank accounts, see how our team is doing, play games, and message friends. You can do your shopping from a phone, invest for retirement, and check the weather on the other side of the world. It only makes sense that you should be able to buy tickets, too. Whether you’re looking to go see your favorite band play live, check out a football game, or go to a Monster Truck rally, you can get your tickets to your next event—and any other event you’re thinking of going to in the future—right from your phone.

The-apps-that-change-thingsBuying tickets through your phone is designed to make your life easier. It can also help you to save money. Not only can you get tickets when you want them, but a lot of the best apps also allow you to comparison shop. So, let’s say you want to get box seats to the next New York Yankees game. You can search for tickets by seating section, but you can also see what each set of tickets is priced at. For example, let’s say you find four tickets priced at $68 apiece. That sounds like a good row to be up close to the action at a Yankees game. But, if someone else is selling similarly located tickets for $62 apiece, the cheaper tickets are going to be the better deal. Ticket apps allow you to not just buy tickets, but to do so in a way that is far more helpful to you thank buying tickets has ever been in the past.

Mobile Tickets

Ticket apps have helped make getting tickets faster, but there’s another component to this speed. Mobile tickets have helped speed things up, too. More commonly referred to as electronic, or e-tickets, there’s nothing faster than having your tickets delivered to your phone within a few seconds of purchasing.

We will talk a little bit more about using your phone to store your ticket in other places on this site, but this is a good place to start exploring the topic. E-tickets are good for the environment because they help save on paper and ink waste since there’s no need for a printed ticket. You don’t have to worry about holding on to extra items in your pockets because you already have your phone. You were planning on bringing that with you anyway! And, with the use of e-tickets, you can buy them whenever you want. You can get tickets weeks ahead of time when you remember that there’s a show coming up while waiting in line at the grocery store. Or, if you’re more of a procrastinator, you can buy and download them while you’re standing in line to get into the show itself. Being able to use your phone to get tickets has completely changed how we use our time leading up to a show.

E-tickets can also help to cut down on fees. Fees have been a part of the ticket game for decades, but because the delivery and storage of e-tickets eliminate some steps, they are generally cheaper than buying traditional tickets through an app.

The end result is that you get into the show that you were hoping to see without the hassle that you may have experienced in the past. That’s a big win right there. If saving on that stress helps you to enjoy the show a little bit more, then we have done our job to help!