Taking-the-Smartphone-to-the-next-levelBuying tickets to the event of your choice has never been easier. Not only can you purchase tickets from the comfort of your home through your computer, but you can also get them with a little help from your smartphone. Purchasing tickets on the go is very easy, and when you’re using the right site to get those tickets, you will even save yourself some cash along the way.

There are other benefits to purchasing tickets with your phone. For example, besides the obvious ease of access that is created, you can better see when the right time to buy tickets is. Over the months and weeks leading up to the concert prices will fluctuate. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to go see a concert but are hesitant to buy tickets because they are a little too expensive. If you keep observing the market, you will notice that there is usually a point where ticket demand starts to drop and prices follow suit.

Now’s the time! By being patient, you’re able to save a bit of money.

Let’s learn more about the ticket industry and how tech has changed the marketplace.

Ticket Apps

Ticket apps are mobile device applications that allow you to buy (and sell) tickets. There are many of these out there, with some being far more helpful than others. Start with what’s popular in your app store. Usually, certain apps are more popular than similar apps for a reason—they are better.

Additionally, when you’re looking for the right ticket app, there are a few things that you will want to think about. Is the site reputable? Do they sell electronic tickets? Is the customer service team helpful? These questions and others like them can help you make a better decision when figuring out which is the right app for you. Read about SeatGeek and StubHub are leaders in mobile tech when it comes to apps and their tickets. A lot of other sites follow their lead and will also produce solid apps.

Festival Tickets

Going to a music festival is an amazing experience. Getting tickets can be tough, though. That’s where mobile ticket apps come in. They allow you access to a wider variety of ticket sellers and allow you to buy tickets on a moment’s notice. Things are getting easier and safer when it comes to entry into an event.

These events are always a lot of fun—especially the big, multi-day events. Using e-tickets to get into the festival saves on paper and ink waste, minimizes the number of things you need to carry on you, and can even help get you into the festival at the last moment with a quick e-ticket purchase en route to the venue.


Secure-transactionIf you’ve ever been to a big event, then you’ve probably seen the scalpers that lurk outside the venue. These are people who want to buy or sell tickets to whatever is going on and make a few dollars in the process. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this. If people want to spend their time and energy to make a profit and have fun this way, that’s fine. In fact, scalping is legal in most states now. With one major stipulation, of course. The tickets must not be fraudulent. Security features being added all the time will make a huge difference in the future.

Most people selling tickets probably aren’t selling fakes, but it can be incredibly difficult to tell a real from a fake with today’s technology. But the ticket scanning machines will be able to figure this out instantly. Buy a fake ticket and try to use it and suddenly you’re looking at potential legal charges against you—in addition to missing out on the event, you were looking forward to.

Buying tickets online and using e-tickets eliminates this issue. Electronic tickets are stored in a secure database and are typically inspected by professionals in the field before they are delivered. E-tickets tend to have much lower fees, too. Data storage and inspection can have a cost, but it’s usually nominal compared to the fees that you will see when you’re using paper tickets.

Ticket History

It doesn’t seem like all that long ago that TicketMaster and other phone ticket services popped up. Through these services, if you couldn’t get tickets directly through the venue’s box office, you would call up one of the hotlines, let a sales rep know where you wanted to sit, give your credit card information, and your tickets would be shipped to you in the mail. If it was close to the event, you would stop by the will-call area close to the venue and grab your tickets on the day of the show.

The internet changed all that. Dozens of other sites popped up providing a service just like this one, but without the hassle of making a phone call. Tickets are bought and sold online, including tickets that would have been scalped once upon a time. Because of the ease of access to the market that the internet created, online ticket sales have become a huge business for third-party ticket sellers.

Mobile e-tickets are the latest advance in ticket sales. These are completely electronic tickets. They are bought and stored over the phone. When you get to the ticket gate, you merely present the code on your phone to the attendant, have it scanned, and you’re in! They are safer, easy to transport, and convenient.

Getting to your next show, game, or another event has never been easier!