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How The Mobile Ticket App Processes Work

How it Works

Ticket Summit

*This video is made available with the permission of Ticket Summit.*

  • Mobile Ticket App will build you a custom-branded iPhone App, Android App, and/or a Mobile Ticket Website with your company’s look and feel
  • Our Graphics Team will build you a splash screen, background, App button and help you select the colors of your App. The graphics will be sent to you for your approval. If you have special requirements that go beyond the basic graphics package, you can hire our Graphics Team on an hourly basis.
  • As a Ticket Reseller, you control the margins, service fees, transaction fees, shipping options, and other important details of your App.
  • After the graphics assets are complete, our Project Management Team will provide you with a presentation of how your app will look.
  • After your approval, we will submit your App to Apple or the Android Marketplace for approval and launch on the iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace.
  • Mobile Ticket App will take care of the submission process of your App for you.
  • Users can download your free App and start shopping your tickets right away
  • Your App is a free download, you want as many users as possible.
  • A retail buyer can purchase tickets directly through your App using the checkout screen.
  • A retail buyer can purchase tickets by placing a call to you through your App.
  • You will process the order through your POS system or through your website interface just as you do today. This process also supports Ticket Network Direct partners.
  • You control the buying experience. It is your client, and that is the way it should be.
  • The buying process for the buyer is more convenient, yet your fulfillment process does not change.
  • The buying experience is more convenient, and uses the power of GPS location. We believe the future of ticket sales is the mobile device, this is your chance to embrace the technology of mobile devices without a huge capital investment.
  • Mobile Ticket App charges you a monthly subscription fee for using the apps. This fee depends on how many products you are using and your usage.


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The time is now for you to have your own Mobile Ticket App.

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