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Mobile Ticket App, Mobile Ticket Applications, Mobile Ticket Re-selling, Development, and Solutions. Mobile ticket Applications to help you make money.

More Money

  • Mobile Ticket App will build you a custom-branded iPhone App with your company’s look and feel
  • As a Ticket Reseller, you control the margins, service fees, transaction fees, shipping options, and other important details of your App
  • Your App will be created by our expert team of developers in approximately two weeks
  • After your approval, we will submit your App to Apple for approval and launch on the iTunes App Store
  • Users can download your free App and start shopping your tickets right away
  • A buyer can purchase tickets directly through your App using their credit card using a secure key chain
  • Or, a buyer can purchase tickets by placing a call to you through your App
  • When a ticket order is placed through your App using a credit card:
    • the buyer will received an order confirmation via email
    • you will receive an order request via email with a URL link to access your order details via a secure SSL website
    • Once the order has been processed, a log will be kept and the credit card details will be deleted for PCI compliance
  • You will process the order through your POS system or through your website interface just as you do today
  • The buying process for the buyer is more convenient, yet your fulfillment process does not change
  • At the end of the month, Mobile Ticket App will charge you a nominal per transaction fee or a minimum monthly fee, whichever is greater. This fee can easily be added to your ticket service fee to make the Mobile Ticket App almost free.