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Not All Apps Are Created Equal – Mobile Ticket App

Not All Apps Are Created Equal

Mobile Ticket App has a few competitors, and our response is “imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”

While most of our clients are not super technical, the purpose of this post is to let you know that not all apps are created equal.  A code called HTML5 is available for developers to use, and many developers choose HTML5 because it is flexible, works on many platforms, and more importantly, is inexpensive to use.  Mobile Ticket App competitors use HTML5.

You should read about HTML5 vs Native Apps as you consider where to build your mobile brand.  Remember, that your Mobile Ticket App is available to users for free, and that they will evaluate your brand based on the experience they have with your app.  If you are shopping for something online or on your mobile device, would you return to buy more products and services with a lower buyer experience level?

Both LinkedIn and Facebook built their first version of applications using HTML5, and have since scrapped that code and built apps using Native App Code.

“The biggest mistake we (Facebook) made as a company was betting too much on HTML5 as opposed to native.  It just wasn’t ready.”  - Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook

Why is Native App Code better?

  • Native App Code is built using the same language/code the iPhone and/or Android uses, making a better and more rich experience for the user.
  • Only Native Apps can deliver the best user experiences, leveraging the full capabilities of the device.  Hence, 94% of the apps in iTunes are Native Apps.
  • Native Apps have a higher level of performance.
  • Native App Code is more secure.  HTML5 code is much easier to access and corrupt while data within a Native App is encrypted.

Mobile Ticket App uses Native App Mobile Developement for iPhone and Android.  We built our first mobile app in July 2009, with a mission to help Ticket Brokers sell more tickets by providing Ticket Brokers with the best mobile products available knowing that repeat buyers will shop with the most satisfying experience.  We are not a “me too” company, but a leader with the most Mobile Ticket App experience in the industry.  Please contact us with your questions and comments, we have Ticket Apps starting at $100 per month.

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