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Texting Habits You’d Love To Get Rid Of | Mobile Ticket App

Texting Habits You’d Love To Get Rid Of

Texting like most other forms of communication has its own set of expressions and details that help give every person their own little sense of individualities. From using too many emoticons to typing without vowels, there are a million little habits that we fuse into our everyday texting interactions to make them our own. Now while some habits are barely noticeable there are few blaring examples that annoy the living life out of the people at the receiving end. Mobistealth’s created a list of some of these habits. Check out our list to see whether you have someone you know on our list, or maybe you can give us tips on other habits we’ve missed out on.

Text Messaging Habits We All Hate

Text Messaging Infographic is developed by: MobiStealth