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The U.S. Smartphone Market Is In The Late Majority Stage Of Adoption | Mobile Ticket App

The U.S. Smartphone Market Is In The Late Majority Stage Of Adoption

Question is, why is the Ticket Broker Industry still in the early adoption phase of providing mobile support for the purchasing of tickets?

Below is a sumary of an article from Christian Zibreg.  We think it is great information, and suggests that the U.S. Smartphone Market is in the late majority stage of adoption.


“Research firm comScore today released a comprehensive report on mobile landscape in the United States and elsewhere and one particular chart stands out as another example of how the smartphone market is a duopoly between iOS and Android, with Apple and Samsung increasingly taking industry’s profits at the expense of – well, pretty much every other handset maker out there.

Spanning 2005-2012, the chart paints an accurate picture of platform dynamics when it comes to the competitive market for connected mobile devices…

comScore’s 2013 Mobile Future in Focus survey notes that the number of smartphone subscribers has increased 29 percent from a year ago and 99 percent from just two years ago.

The research firm remarks that the U.S. smartphone market “finally surpassed 50 percent market penetration and now enters the ‘late majority’ stage of the technology adoption curve.”

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS now dominate the U.S. smartphone landscape and have guzzled an astounding 90 percent share.”

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