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Mobile Search and Purchases Increase in 2013 – What Should a Ticket Broker Do? | Mobile Ticket App

Mobile Search and Purchases Increase in 2013 – What Should a Ticket Broker Do?

Mobile activity through smartphones continues to increase, while this has created an opportunity, it also has created a responsibility for any online retailer.  Having a product to sell, and a phone and a website have been the basics.  Today, a mobile site and an app are a requirement to maintain sales in the 2013 mobile economy.

We will present some facts found through third parties and then we will provide a few reasons how Mobile Ticket App can help ticket brokers make more money.



According to Business Insider “Search — the very cornerstone of the Web — has begun to show signs of decline on desktops and laptops.

Meanwhile, search is surging on smartphones and tablets. Mobile searches are quickly becoming the main way in which consumers find everything they need — whether it’s information, services, or physical and digital goods.

That means there’s a great opportunity, but also that search has more work to do. There are kinks to figure out in areas ranging from app discovery to tracking the effectiveness of local search ads.”

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/smartphones-are-disrupting-mobile-search-2013-3#ixzz2ODDdfWxD


Email Opens

As of Q4 2012, more than 41% of emails are opened with a smartphone or tablet.  This 41% are likely to be clicking on your links in your emails, question is will they get a full desktop site or a mobile optimized site?



















Multiple Devices Used During Ticket Purchase Process

According to Google, 50% of ticket purchasers use a smartphone regularly to research or purchase tickets.  Additionally, 66% of ticket purchasers used more than one device simultaneously to ticket information.  Meaning that 66% used a computer and a mobile device.


Smartphones are Emerging Points of Purchase

According to Google, 35% of smartphone users have purchased a product or service on their smartphone.  Of the 35%, 68% have made a purchase in the past month.


Ticket Brokers Going Mobile

First and foremost, a ticket broker must know the difference between a desktop website and a mobile optimized site.  The desktop site is built for large screens with the use of a mouse.  A mobile optimized site is built for a small touch screen.  A mobile site should also optimizes location features of the phone to deliver results based on the mobile device location while easily allowing for search.

How does the traffic get to the desktop or mobile site?  In most cases, users are either familiar with a URL (website name), found it through search, or clicked on an ad (AdWords).  The distinction here is that the user came to the website.  As we know, this does not mean that a user will come back.  Studies show that mobile users who land on a desktop site leave until they find the right mobile experience.  This means that a mobile site is a must for a ticket broker.

Second, why are apps better than a mobile site?  An app is optimized for mobile users, allows more customization like favorite events, and more importantly becomes a resident software on the mobile device.  The user can easily find the app, use their saved preferences, and shop more frequently with you.  The app is already on their mobile device, so why would they go shopping for tickets anywhere else?  Plus, let your customers promote your app when they share events and performers with their social network, which promotes more app downloads for you.  Additionally, Push Messaging to the app re-engages the mobile user to open their app and take action when you send them a message like “NBA Playoff Tickets On Sale – Use Promo code GreatApp for 10% off your order.”  Mobile Ticket App analytics show huge activity when an app gets a Push Message.

The mobile site should be a catalyst to get users to download your app.  As mentioned above, the ticket app is the stickiest mobile sales tool available.  Every ticket broker should make every effort to get app downloads.  Mark Hunter, SVP of Sales for Mobile Ticket App always says “your app should be available everywhere your phone number is displayed.”  On another note, some “other” mobile ticket websites are available on the market.  Not only do we believe the Mobile Ticket App mobile website is the best, but it also promotes your app as the “download app” button is prominent on your mobile ticket website.

Third, how do users find your app?  Back in the day, when there were ten apps on iTunes, having excellent search terms for your app meant thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in profit a month.  Today, there are a couple hundred ticket apps available to download, so no one should assume having an app without promoting it is going to lead to early retirement.  As mentioned above, a ticket broker is driving traffic to their online business and to their office.  Whenever you communicate with a customer or prospect, whether by phone, email, mail, or website, the app should be promoted.  But why???  Because someday soon the mobile buying traffic will exceed your website traffic and either you will be ready or your will be left behind.


Please contact us today, and will be happy to share more insight to help you grow your online ticket business.