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NBA 2012 Finals; The Heat is on in the House of Thunder | Mobile Ticket App

NBA 2012 Finals; The Heat is on in the House of Thunder

As the 2012 season comes to a close, the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder come together to

begin Game 1 in the series. Most anticipated is the head-to-head battle between LeBron James and
Kevin Durant, two of the league’s most valuable players. The NBA Finals, Game 1, are set to air on June
12th in Oklahoma City on ESPN.

While many other advances in the game have happened over the years, and so has the technology. Today, more and more basketball fans are able to purchase tickets and watch their favorite teams travel the hopeful road to victory. Mobile ticketing applications have allowed fans across the country purchase tickets at the touch of a button. Fans can now use their mobile devices to find games, search venues and buy seating instantly. Many venues, stadiums and fields are utilizing technology that scans tickets purchased through mobile ticketing applications. And ticket brokers are able to enjoy the ride.

Mobile ticketing applications have provided various benefits and features including a decrease in costs and fees (due to the removal of printing and mailing), the ability to purchase tickets at the last minute, receive email updates and news notifications and so much more. Fans are also able to purchase tickets for specialty games such as the NBA Finals.

The growth of mobile ticketing and its applications has skyrocketed over the years from a staggering 2
billion tickets sold this past year, to an estimated 15 billion tickets by 2014. Many estimates conclude
that the use and popularity of mobile ticketing applications will continue to grow well into the next
decade. Most purchases made using mobile ticketing applications have been last minute purchases,
proving that consumers do not wish to commit to anything and enjoy the sporadic option of attending
an event at the spur of any moment. Not only has last minute purchases proven to boost the number of
tickets sold, but has also provided the most competitive price for various consumers.

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing a ticket using a mobile ticketing application is the guarantee
the purchaser receives that they wouldn’t able to otherwise receive from a scalper. Mobile ticketing
applications provide their consumers with a certificate of authenticity that any ticket purchased is valid
and will not be turned away. This type of guarantee is one aspect that separates a mobile ticket broker
from a typical scalper, and sets them apart from other companies such as Craig’s List.

Consumers are becoming more and more mobile-minded. They enjoy and prefer technology that allows
them to continue moving, no matter where they are or where they end up. This includes the NBA games
and the notorious Finals. And in the meantime, may the best team win.