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Internet Traffic to Quadruple by 2016 | Mobile Ticket App

Internet Traffic to Quadruple by 2016

The use of mobile devices and applications that have been downloaded to those mobile devices are staggering, and continuing to grow. The popularity of utilizing applications to help simplify the consumer’s life is proof alone why mobile ticketing applications are a great solution in the ticketing world. Mobile ticketing applications allow consumers to purchase tickets to various events from their mobile devices at any time and place. Consumers and purchasers are no longer tied to their at home computer, or forced to wait in long lines with the hopes that they will get their ticket before the event sells out.

In a recent article, Cisco estimates that expects internet traffic to quadruple by 2016, including the use of mobile devices. “According to Cisco’s numbers, by 2016, there will be almost 18.9 billion network connections, or about 2.5 connections per each person on Earth. In 2011, there were 10.3 billion connections.”

Ticket purchasers are able to connect from anywhere when they are searching for a movie time, concert or even sporting event. Most mobile ticketing applications provide a venue map so that consumers are able to choose their seats for the event. Other features include release notifications, news that has been customized to the user’s interest, log in access so that the next time a consumer purchases their information has already been saved and more.

Using mobile ticketing applications, purchasers are able to receive their tickets as soon as the purchase has been made. This eliminates the fees and costs related to printing and mailing, but also provide instant access to tickets. Consumers are able to purchase their tickets minutes before a show or event and have their ticket on hand. With mobile ticketing applications, the number of last minute purchases has continued to increase. Consumers would prefer to not have to commit to something weeks in advance and are now able to make last minute decisions. Once a purchase is made, the tickets are electronically sent to their mobile device. From there, they can either print their tickets at home, or simply show the venue the barcode and it will be scanned.

Mobile ticketing has made many great changes for the ticket seller as well. Sellers have a better chance of selling all tickets to a show or event because of the number of last minute purchases. For a ticket broker, using a mobile ticketing application provides a certificate of authenticity and guarantee for its customers. Sellers do not have to worry about mailing tickets, etc. as tickets are automatically sent to the consumer’s mobile device upon purchase.