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Last Minute Ticket Purchases Save Consumers Money | Mobile Ticket App

Last Minute Ticket Purchases Save Consumers Money

Mobile ticketing solutions have once again proven to be an excellent choice in purchasing tickets. Recently, one mobile ticketing venue announced that allowing consumers to purchase tickets at the last minute, or at least three days prior to an event, saves them money. Consumers who purchased tickets months in advance of an event or show paid a significant amount more than if they waited about three days before. For example, “So far in 2012, the average ticket price for a concert or marquee sporting event one month from the event date was $95 on StubHub. However, just three days away from the event the average ticket price dropped to $66, and within 24 hours of the event the average ticket price was $62… “Because event tickets eventually expire, we find that sellers often lower their prices gradually as the event date approaches, and dramatically on the day of the event,” said Ray Elias, Chief Marketing Officer of StubHub. “This is obviously demand driven, and can vary based on the number of buyers competing…”

The findings of a survey show that “the landscape of ticket buying on the secondary market is trending towards last-minute purchases.” Mobile ticketing applications are finding that more individuals are making their purchases last minute as a result of not wanting to commit too early, and as a means to find something on-the-go.

Whether for sporting events, concerts, movies or festivals, mobile ticketing has proven to be effective for both purchasers and ticket brokers. Purchasing and selling tickets through a mobile ticketing application provides features and benefits for both parties. Applications have tremendously reduced costs of printing and fees for sellers, and allow brokers to pass those savings on to the consumer. Much of the population has a Smartphone and can access such applications on their mobile device, allowing them access to purchase tickets from anywhere they are. Many event centers, movie theaters, etc. focus on being able to provide their customers with the most convenient experience possible. Mobile ticketing applications have been able to provide such convenience and excellent customer service that many of entertainment venues have started to use technology designed for such purchases. For example, a growing number of movie theaters have started to utilize scanners specific for tickets that have been purchased from a mobile device.

Mobile ticketing applications provide a quick and convenient venue for purchasing tickets. And as recently estimated, approximately 15 billion tickets will be delivered by 2014 giving promise that the mobile ticketing industry is not leaving anytime soon.