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Smartphone Users on the Rise | Mobile Ticket App

Smartphone Users on the Rise

As the number of Smartphone users globally continues to increase, it only makes sense that the use of mobile ticketing applications also rise. According to an article from bizreport.com, the number of Smartphones is expected to reach one half a billion worldwide by the year 2015, and an outstanding 15 billion tickets through mobile ticketing to be delivered by 2014 (Juniper Research).

The use of mobile ticketing through a Smartphone or mobile device is a strategy for both consumer and seller. The seller will ultimately cut down on the cost of paper, delivery fees, etc., while the consumer can purchase their tickets at the push of a button and be ready to go to the event in a matter of minutes. Very rarely these days are people leaving their phones behind. With mobile ticketing applications, any purchased tickets will always be available to them. More and more venues are implementing systems that scan a barcode or QR code directly from a consumer’s phone or mobile device, to allow them entry into the event. Say goodbye to misplaced tickets, or leaving tickets at home. Consumers prefer this method of purchasing (through mobile ticketing) over traditional purchasing due almost entirely to the convenience it provides and its simple to use system.

Many individual season ticket holders and brokers have turned to creating mobile ticketing applications as a means to sell their tickets. Its simplicity and automated data collection systems have made it most desirable. Mobile ticketing applications allow users to sign in and save their account information or sign in as a guest. This system is convenient for users who purchase often, and makes it trustworthy for those who are uncertain about placing their information on the Internet. Other key features in a mobile ticketing application include the automatic delivery of tickets from the application, to the user’s mobile device. This removes the worry from the seller, having to make sure that the individual’s tickets get to them, and the hassle for the consumer of waiting for their tickets to arrive and keep them in a place where they will not get lost and will be remembered.

The world is moving quickly to sole use of mobile devices as many people are constantly moving and mobile devices allow them to do almost anything from anywhere. Mobile ticketing applications have gone from concerts and movies to airline and bus travel. The market demands mobile and ticket brokers and sellers now have the opportunity to become a part of an outstanding movement in the years to come.