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Play Ball! | Mobile Ticket App

Play Ball!

It’s the beginning of a new season, and many teams are turning to mobile ticketing application as a means to sell tickets. New “team” applications are recently being developed for fans to download and use on their mobile devices. Features for these applications include, access to the team’s official website, a schedule, link to find tickets to the game you wish to attend, purchase tickets via a secure checkout, and choose to have the tickets emailed to you or available right there on your mobile device.

MLB.com recently launched its newest application for baseball fans, “At the Park.” The application has been designed for fans as not only a ticket purchasing outlet, but also a social networking tool.  “At the Park” provides ticketing options for fans to easily find a game and purchase their tickets. Now the application also provides the opportunity to purchase concession snacks too, once again proving that the mobile world is a prominent one.

Many mobile ticket applications are created for specific teams. These applications are specialized for fans by providing ticket purchasing options, keeping score if not at the game, watching favorite player statistics and so much more. More stadiums are welcoming of the technology of purchasing tickets on a mobile device, implementing needs such as barcode scanners, etc.

The great American past time is regaining its strength and popularity among fans. Opening Day across the country is celebrated almost as if it were a national holiday. The Colorado Rockies took in more 50,000 fans on opening day, many of which purchased their tickets months in advance. For a sold out game a mobile ticket application might be the exact solution. While the tickets are technically purchased, they are available for fans to buy from the broker. The mobile ticket applications can sometimes work out as a reservation system, an option that is dependable for fans. And all the fan has to do is bring their mobile device with them to the game to show his or her tickets. Another great benefit of a mobile ticketing option is that fans in any location are able to access the application and purchase their tickets without any hassle and only convenience.