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Mobile Ticket Sales, 2016 Forecast | Mobile Ticket App

Mobile Ticket Sales, 2016 Forecast

With the number of mobile devices and users, imagine how many applications are being downloaded on a daily basis. Many applications are downloaded for entertainment purposes, however most often applications are downloaded to provide some sort of convenience in the way the user lives. Mobile ticket applications are being downloaded by users globally. According to a recent release of research by Juniper Research, it is estimated that as many as 23 billion mobile tickets will be delivered worldwide by 2016. To understand the growth of the mobile ticketing service, the estimate is already four times the number it was in 2011.

The estimates include the use of transportation and events ticketing, a method that many industries are using to reduce various costs. It is important that mobile ticket applications are convenient and easy to use or they will lose their appeal to the public. “Mobile ticketing may be the first mobile commerce application that will be adopted at a mass market level, so it’s important that users receive a first-class experience,” stated report author David Snow.

Mobile ticket applications are growing in popularity for both the convenience for on-the-go users, as well as for ticket brokers as it provides a comprehensive portal that provides features that are beneficial for business. Most, if not all, mobile ticket applications that are developed have the capacity to provide users with alerts, recommendations, seating charts and venue maps, price ranges, etc. And on the retailer end, the mobile ticket application provides a payment system, quick delivery (eliminating printing and mailing fees), records purchasing information and is able to keep a database of purchases, etc. Mobile ticket applications are so beneficial to ticket brokers and even season ticket holders to events. The application provides a great forum for consumers to give reviews and ratings and for the retailer to receive instant feedback.

The mobile ticket application has changed the way consumers move and has allowed ticket purchasing at the users fingertips. No longer does a consumer have to go home and get on their computer to purchase the tickets they want. They can purchase from wherever they are and because of this, most entertainment and transportation industries will likely see a boost in sales and revenue.

Approximately 80% of the world’s population has a mobile phone. Of that 80%, or 5 billion, 1.08 billion are Smartphones. A total of 69% of Smartphone users download or purchase applications. With a Smartphone/Mobile device market, mobile ticketing provides the world with the next best step to getting places. Everybody purchases tickets for something, it just seems fitting to provide them with a quality, easy-to-use tool.