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Five Reasons to Bring Ticketing to a Mobile Level | Mobile Ticket App

Five Reasons to Bring Ticketing to a Mobile Level

Many ticketing companies and brokers want to ensure the best service to their customers. Today, much of that includes making the business available through mobile ticketing applications. Smartphone and tablet users are increasingly using applications as part of their daily lives. The applications offer easy solutions to tasks and activities. Offering an application to users to purchase tickets assists the broker in increasing sales and revenue, but also provides a convenient purchasing venue for its users.

  1. Easy-to-Use and Convenient – A mobile ticketing application allows smartphone and mobile device users to search and purchase tickets from their location. They are not tied to their at-home computers. On the selling side, mobile ticketing applications save and collect specific customer information, and most of the processing and extra work is taken care of by the application.
  2. Less Costs and Fees – Because the mobile ticketing application provides the ticket electronically, the costs and fees to the purchaser are less and the costs (such as paper and printing) are less to the seller.
  3. Selling Last Minute Tickets – As a ticket broker, you are more likely to sell out tickets due to last minute purchases. Because of the convenience of purchasing tickets on the way to an event or show, the chances of selling out are much higher.
  4. Delivery – Ticket delivery is provided almost instantly through a mobile ticketing application. The purchasers receive a barcode that can be scanned directly from their mobile device. Because of its increasing popularity, many venues are beginning to utilize scanners specific to mobile ticketing from mobile devices.
  5. Proof of Authenticity – Selling through a mobile ticketing application gives the customer confidence that the ticket he/she purchased is authentic and will not be questioned. There is a significant amount of credibility a mobile ticketing application can offer versus a scalper or purchasing online through outlets such as Craig’s List.

There are certainly other reasons for using a mobile ticketing application. But most importantly is that it just makes sense. The number of smartphone and mobile device users, such as an iPad or tablet, is growing every day. And with that, the number of applications being downloaded and used increases with them. Juniper Research recently reported that it is estimated that as many as 23 billion mobile tickets will be delivered worldwide by 2016. To understand the growth of the mobile ticketing service, the estimate is already four times the number it was in 2011. Based on these numbers alone, making the decision to produce a mobile ticketing application for a business is a no-brainer.