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Are you ready for some football?! | Mobile Ticket App

Are you ready for some football?!

Football is the American pastime. Did you know that the football is not actually made out of a pig skin but made out of a cow’s skin? It takes 3,000 cows to supply the leather for a year’s supply of footballs for the NFL. With the announcement of the NFL 2012 season schedule, the planning of attending games and purchasing tickets is right around the corner. In anticipation of watching new players on new teams, fans can decide which games they are ready to go to and which they will watch from the comfort of their homes. Buzz and speculation surrounding many players this year, both new and traded, may soon be put to rest. Football fans everywhere have the convenience of buying tickets to watch their favorite teams compete with hopes of making it to the Superbowl from their mobile devices.

Mobile ticketing applications allow fans to quickly and easily find tickets with features including stadium charts, competitive pricing and the option for season ticket holders to sell their tickets for games they are unable to attend. The mobile ticketing wave has provided a venue for ticket brokers and individual season ticket holders to resell tickets with a quick turnover.

According to Nielsen, there were approximately 111.3 million fans that watched the 2012 Superbowl, and an estimated total audience of 166.8 million, as the New York Giants walked away with the trophy. The number of football fans is staggering and continuing to increase. Going to a football game is more than the game itself. It is a complete experience and fans would prefer to see it live. Mobile ticketing applications are the solution for scouting tickets and selling them

Here is a quick listing of the first couple weeks of the 2012 NFL schedule:

(Courtesy nflschedulesupersite.com)

Week 1

Dallas at New York Giants (9/9/12)

Indianapolis at Chicago (9/9/12)

Jacksonville at Minnesota (9/9/12)

Buffalo at New York Jets (9/9/12)

Miami at Houston (9/9/12)

New England at Tennessee (9/9/12)

St. Louis at Detroit (9/9/12)

Washington at New Orleans (9/9/12)

Philadelphia at Cleveland (9/9/12)

Atlanta at Kansas City (9/9/12)

San Francisco at Green Bay (9/9/12)

Seattle at Arizona (9/9/12)

Carolina at Tampa Bay (9/9/12)

Cincinnati at Baltimore (9/10/12)

San Diego at Oakland (9/10/12)


Week 2

Chicago at Green Bay (9/13/12)

Tampa Bay at New York Giants (9/16/12)

New Orleans at Carolina (9/16/12)

Arizona at New England (9/16/12)

Minnesota at Indianapolis (9/16/12)

Baltimore at Philadelphia (9/16/12)

Kansas City at Buffalo (9/16/12)

Cleveland at Cincinnati (9/16/12)

Houston at Jacksonville (9/16/12)

Dallas at Seattle (9/16/12)

Washington at St. Louis (9/16/12)

New York Jets at Pittsburgh (9/16/12)

Tennessee at San Diego (9/16/12)

Oakland at Miami (9/16/12)

Detroit at San Francisco (9/16/12)

Denver at Atlanta (9/17/12)