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The Mobile Industry | Mobile Ticket App

The Mobile Industry

“The world is at your fingertips,” a saying that continues to become a reality as technology exponentially advances. New mobile ideas and applications are constantly developing while the demand in the mobile market continues to increase. According to mobithinking.com, we have seen the mobile industry take an innovative leap to a current (estimated) 5.9 billion mobile subscribers, which accounts for approximately 87% of the world’s population. More than 300,000 mobile applications have been developed in the last three years, and demand for the number of mobile applications is expected to peak in 2013. Research has shown that globally, consumers prefer to download applications for gaming and texting, while US consumers prefer to utilize their applications for travel, banking, local information and shopping. In March 2010, 81.3 million mobile users worldwide used their mobile device for purchasing, to include mobile ticketing and estimated to rise to nearly 490 million by the end of 2014. Mobile ticketing applications have made it easier for both the retailer and the consumer in the complete e-purchasing process.

Why mobile ticketing?

Retailers are now able to advertise their business using mobile ticketing applications while consumers are able to navigate, discover and purchase tickets on-the-go with a user-friendly platform. Ticket purchasers are no longer “stuck” at their home computers having to search for movie/entertainment theaters, times, prices and venues. The use of a mobile ticketing application is not restricted to any one smartphone, but can be purchased and downloaded to most smartphones and mobile devices. Most mobile ticketing applications can store customers’ log in and account information for quick purchasing the next time they use the application, and is easy for new customers to create an account and opt for future promotions and other offers, or simply check out as a guest. Ticket retailers including AMC, Fandango, Live Nation, Ticketmaster and Movietickets.com have all joined the mobile bandwagon making ticket purchasing through mobile devices and smartphones the latest in ticket sales. In addition to offering an avenue for retailers to provide excellent customer service, mobile ticket applications combine and integrate marketing and advertising techniques through social media and search engine optimization to provide the retailer with greater exposure in a mass marketing format, and allow the retailer to target their specific target audience.

The Mobile Ticketing Phenomenon

Ticket retailers and purchasers can say so long to paper. With mobile ticketing applications, the printed ticket has become obsolete and now allows businesses and consumers to save in additional expenses and processing fees. Mobile ticketing eliminates the hassle to the purchasing of having to remember to bring or find the ticket prior to a movie, concert, boarding a plane, etc. The convenience of utilizing mobile ticketing includes the savings on various expenses including postage, ink and of course, paper, the instant results and building a database of customer information and demographics to improve other marketing and advertising strategies and methods.