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Free Mobile Ticket Website Promotion | Mobile Ticket App

Free Mobile Ticket Website Promotion

In celebration of the latest product release MW2, Mobile Ticket App is giving Mobile Ticket Website 2.0 away for free for 90 days.  Zero down, and zero cost for 90 days and now every ticket broker can play ball in the mobile industry. 

How can you ignore the Mobile Ticket Industry?

Apple sold 37 million iPhones in October, November, and December of 2011.  Apple just announced double profits in the first quarter.  Google activates 700,000 Android smartphones a day.  You have two of the largest public companies in America pushing the mobile smartphone/mobile computer technology. 




Mobile Ticket App thinks every ticket broker should provide retail buyers the ability to easily shop, find, and buy tickets to their favorite sports, concert, and theater events on their smartphone and mobile device.  The release of the Free Mobile Ticket Website Promotion enables every ticket broker to enter the mobile ticket economy.  The new Mobile Ticket Website works on the iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry smartphones.  Now you can sell tickets on almost every smart phone being used today.  Start your free trial now.

Free Mobile Ticket Website 2.0 Trial – Sign Up Here

Free Mobile Ticket Website 2.0 Trial – Video