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Mobile App Use Is Extremely Sticky | Mobile Ticket App

Mobile App Use Is Extremely Sticky

“Marketers call segmenting sections of the day that attract the largest audience “day parting,” and it works for mobile apps too. Just like TV,mobile app usage is highest during prime time, peaking at 9 p.m., according to new analysis from app analytics firm Flurry.

But the interesting thing is not just that usage is highest in the evening, which is true of Internet usage as well, but also that mobile use is relatively higher throughout the day than both Internet and TV and eclipsed only by TV in prime time. That shows that mobile app use is incredibly popular, and consistently so, grabbing people’s attention more generally throughout the day. It’s not surprising when you think of mobile devices, which can be used at any moment, unlike TV and to a lesser extent the Internet, which is still accessed mostly in fixed locations with computers. But in comparing the numbers, Flurry is showing that mobile app use is extremely sticky throughout the day, which has some interesting implications for advertisers and developers.” -By Ryan Kim