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22% Of Fandango’s Twilight Ticket Sales Through Their Mobile App | Mobile Ticket App

22% Of Fandango’s Twilight Ticket Sales Through Their Mobile App

“Fandango is getting everything right it would seem. Let’s just run through all the accolades first. One, they have set a mobile percentage record with “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1″ with Mobile representing 22% of weekend ticket sales (worth noting that the film grossed $138.1 million on its debut). Two, the Fandango app surpasses 20 million mobile app downloads this week (21 November). Three, the iPhone app deservedly gets a tasty 5-star customer rating in the iTunes App store. Not bad!

As posted on PR Newswire, selling 22% of “Twilight” ticket sales on mobile devices during a three day weekend, sets a new company mobile percentage record. The previous deserving movie was “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2″ which managed 20% – remember this is tickets sold via mobile during the opening weekend.

As Rick Butler, Fandango Executive Vice President and General Manager points out, “mobile has changed the way we go to the movies.” He further points out, “and Fandango prides itself as a leader on the forefront of ticketing technology. Mobile is a critical component of our strategy, as it furthers our goal to make the moviegoing experience even more convenient for film fans.”

Let us not forget, Fandango is used to doing well. As a leading online destination for movie lovers and goers, they sell tickets for more than 16,000 screens throughout the US. As Fandango put it themselves, they provide services that entertain and inform consumers with all sorts of extras like reviews, commentary, interviews, user forums and movie trailers and offer the ability to quickly and easily select a film. Their mobile apps help you plan where and when to see it and allow you to easily buy tickets in advance. With their suite of apps you can always be on top of upcoming movies, cool trailers, which theatre is showing what film and buy tickets without getting off the armchair.

Their second accolade, getting to (and surpassing) 20 million downloads (which is quite a lot) for their award winning movie show times, ticketing and movie reviewing mobile apps is impressive in itself. This clearly demonstrates the efficiency of mobile apps and indeed the broad spectrum they now apply to. As PRNewswire also points out, this demonstrates a growing trend in moviegoing and ticketing habits and that mobile applications are a key part of it.

Accolade 3 (and now they are just showing off): Their iPhone app has received the highly coveted 5-star treatment in the iTunes store. As I am sure you are aware, 5-stars is the highest rating an app can get. Clearly the users of Fandango’s iPhone app are whole heartedly pleased with usability, interface and delivery. Well done Fandango! Oh, don’t forget that they were selected as an official honoree in the 15th Annual Webby Awards for demonstrating a high standard of excellence. They got 3 awards in total!

Of course looking back, they have been doing mobile applications (and doing them well) since March 2009. This was when they launched their first mobile application, which has been consistently popular with users. Interestingly mobile devices and tablets provide more than 40% of all their traffic. Apps are widely available for most platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, HPwebOS and Windows Phone 7.

And to add to their achievements, they are friends of the environment too. They have recently released a new paperless product called Mobile Tickets. Currently only at select theatres , users can get their tickets sent straight to their mobile devices. You then simply go to the ticket-taker and get your mobile device scanned. Click here for a full list of participating theatres.

It is interesting to actually see the statistics on mobile usage. So many of us are now so reliant on our iOS, Android or alternative devices that we expect everyday easy usage in all walks of life. To be able to book tickets or make reservations is now just expected, but it is nice to see a company taking care in all its digital endeavors.”