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Mobile Ticket App – Business Update | Mobile Ticket App

Mobile Ticket App – Business Update

Things are going well, Mobile Ticket App is growing and we are becoming more efficient.  Our business objective is to distribute the best ticket app, which will bring the retail buyers and make our ticket broker clients happy.

The App

The industry changes so fast… When we released MTA 1.0 (Mobile Ticket App 1.0), StubHub, LiveNation, and TicketMaster had not released an app yet.  18 months later, we are developing MTA 2.0, which will be ready for Ticket Summit 2011 in Las Vegas on July 13th.  This is a MAJOR update to the iPhone and Android apps.  We are not going to announce on this blog all of the new features of MTA 2.0, but I will say that this will be the best ticket app available for the retail buyers and the ticket brokers (period). The retail buyer will love MTA 2.0:

  • Search is much more obvious and provides better results
  • Advance filter for tickets
  • Search radius for local settings easily adjusted on home screen
  • More intelligent event results
  • Call Button on every screen
  • Favorites!
  • User Interface update
  • Complete App overhaul
  • Awesome Mobile Ticket Website update for non-App users
  • More…

The Ticket Broker will consider MTA 2.0 a “must have”

  • All the new benefits to the retail buyer
  • And some Top Secret stuff (until release)!

Some really exciting stuff and new broker tools that will help understand the buyers and sales trends, promote your app more, and close deals.   If you want to talk about, give us a call at 888-206-6374.

The Team

Mobile Ticket App is growing, so we moved into some office space and hired Chris Sullivan.  We are very excited to have Chris on the team and he is excited to be on an awesome team.  Chris is super smart, efficient and is the lead on implementation, SEO, and some other top-secret stuff.  Anyhow, the team is growing and we continue to strive to be as efficient as possible and bleeding edge.