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How much does a Mobile Ticket App cost? | Mobile Ticket App

How much does a Mobile Ticket App cost?

How much does an app cost with Mobile Ticket App?

Bottom line is that everyone wants to know how much an App costs.  Mobile Ticket App charges install and a monthly license fee.  We think the cost is very reasonable, and almost free considering that most of ticket broker clients are making money (and a handful are making big money).  If you want an estimate, you can:

Attend one of our informational webinars every Thursday at

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Dial: 1.312.878.3077 and use access code 142-948-98

Mobile Ticket App will build and release your app in less than two weeks.

I am considering building my own Ticket App

We will share a couple of thoughts and comments with you.  It will cost you way more than you think and your project will be significantly delayed.  Find a real good developer close to you geographically (if you can find one) and also build in financial and time resources for technical change (unexpected app updates like Apple iOS 5.0).  It will cost you $25,000 to $50,000 just to get started.  We would guess that StubHub spent over $100,000.


  • One of our clients tried to build their own app, after 6 months of delay and high costs; they decided to become a Mobile Ticket App client.  Thank you.
  • One of our clients had an app from a small competitor, and finally hired Mobile Ticket App.  Thank you.  Also note, that this client wanted to keep his app name and unfortunately was unable to “update” his old app because of app developer account conflict (this means that anyone that downloaded his old app will not be updated, his old app will continue to work though).  Lesson to learn here is to hire Mobile Ticket App in the first place J and if you try to build your own app make sure that own and control your developer account.
  • There is one successful Ticket App built and owned by a Ticket Broker in Arizona and has “seats” in the app name (we will not mention the app name in this blog, but you should be able to find it easily if you look for it).  We understand that they spend a lot of money on their app (we have too).  Apparently it will take “years to recover the cost to build the app.”  We also question why their app is only available on the Apple platforms, when Mobile Ticket App is having great success on both Apple and Android platforms (just don’t tell him please).
  • Another large ticket broker in California with the name Barry is their name has been in the process of building an app for 18 months now.  First they released an app to Apple that worked a little bit, and then it was removed.  When I spoke with them at Ticket Summit 2010 Vegas (July 2010), they said they would release a new app soon.  When we spoke with them on the phone last week, they stated that other projects have taken precedence.  We believe that their app, when finally released, will be a good one because they have big financial resources.  We also think that they should start with Mobile Ticket App and reconsider building their own.
  • Tickets on the Fly is an ticket app that allows brokers to list their tickets on the app for a monthly fee.  We view this app as a mobile ticket exchange and a competitor of Ticket Network, Ticket Evolution, etc.  We like the idea.  We also believe that a ticket broker should have their own app to promote their own brand and acquire new retail clients.  We do not view Tickets on the Fly as a competitor, and we can play nicely with them in the sandbox.  In theory, a broker could have their own app with Mobile Ticket App and also list their tickets on Tickets on the Fly.  If you are evaluating this option, you should ask how many downloads they have so you can evaluate the opportunity and cost to promote your tickets on their app.  One final point, apps powered by Mobile Ticket App have tickets to every event in the United States and Canada.  This means that a retail buyer can find what they want to any event.  A MTA broker client will sell their own inventory and others’; the retail buyer will be satisfied to find tickets to the event they want.

Give us a call if you are thinking about a Ticket App whether you are considering building your own or are ready to start selling tickets in the mobile economy with Mobile Ticket App.