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Cost of Building a Mobile Ticket App? | Mobile Ticket App

Cost of Building a Mobile Ticket App?

Some of Mobile Ticket App’s clients and prospects ask, “what is the cost of building an app?”  The answer is not simple, but the short is answer is that it costs way more than you think.  Our development team has built non-competing apps for as little as $10,000, but the functionality is limited to an RSS reader and a few other small features.  Think about it, most developers charge between $100 and $200 an hour.  If you have seen any rates lower, they live in another country, do not speak English as their first language and have no idea what a ticket broker is.  As craigslist would state, “do not wire anyone any money,” and you surely do not want to send any credit card information.  We are not insinuating that all foreign developers are criminals, but you better do your research.  Ever heard of identity theft or hackers?

If any prospects or ticket brokers think they can build a ticket app for around $10,000, we will laugh and then ask why you have not done it yet?  Email info@mobileticketapp.com if you would like to know some ticket brokers that have built their own app or tried.

If you are considering building your own app, we thought we would let you know that 95% of the venues in North America do not have latitude and longitude coordinates for GPS location lookup.  The ticket exchanges only have this information for the largest venues.  Mobile Ticket App has a database of GPS coordinates for every venue in North America.  Retail buyers that use the Mobile Ticket App family of apps get the best ticket results by using their GPS location to deliver events and tickets within a customized radius from their location.  Our database is not for sale, and you may want to ask your developer to add this to their estimate.  We have about 5 other features and functions that your “developer” has never thought about and will charge you for new features when you get to that point of app building.

This blog post is a response to several inquiries from prospects about the cost of building a mobile ticket app.  We have clients whose “developer” failed to deliver a ticket app after 6 months of development and who are now suing the said “developer.”  Mobile Ticket App knows ticket apps, we know what we are doing, our product works, and we have some brokers making $5,000 a month on ticket sales from their apps.  Join us, let us help you, and start making money now.