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Mobile Ticket App releases the Android App | Mobile Ticket App

Mobile Ticket App releases the Android App

obile Ticket App is now on the Android platform and has released the first app, Mobile Ticket App. “The Android platform brings Mobile Ticket App depth. The iPhone is great in so many ways, but it limited our App to AT&T. With the Android, we can now have Apps on all of the wireless carriers. Lots of people love the Google Android operating system and many experts are predicting that the Android phones will match the iPhone quantities soon. Hey, Google thought it was a good idea to have their software on as many phones as possible, and so do we. We expect 10,000 downloads in a hurry. “ Steve said. Ben, the lead Mobile Ticket App developer stated, “the good news is we are on the Android marketplace and available for download, the bad news is that our app is stuck between two porno apps in the “Just Released” section.” Steve laughed and replied “Well the Android marketplace does allow our apps to be available for download immediately once the app is submitted. Hopefully users find our apps as to be as entertaining as some of the topless ones….LOL.