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StubNut.com Launches App version 1.1 | Mobile Ticket App

StubNut.com Launches App version 1.1

Mobile Ticket App has launched a new version of the StubNut.com app which includes some new improvements and minor changes. The app can be found on iTunes or can be downloaded through the iPhone.

“We are proud to be making improvements and changes. While StubNut.com is at version 1.1, we will release a new version for them in the coming weeks. The application updates for StubNut.com will be applied to all applications for future releases. Looks like we have three Ticket Resellers that will be releasing their own Mobile Ticket App, and they will be starting with the latest release. This is how the model works, everyone gets the latest technology. When we release an app for the iPad and the Droid, all of our Ticket Reseller clients will get the newest and latest apps.” Steve of Mobile Ticket App stated.

You can find more information about StubNut.com at www.StubNut.com