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More Money | Mobile Ticket App

More Money

  • Greater exposure to your client base

  • Ticket Resellers now have an opportunity to market their new iPhone application to their existing base of retail clients. This creates sticky software on the retail client’s iPhone.

  • New clients from iPhone application

  • New clients will start using the iPhone application. This creates a new buyer for the Ticket Reseller.

  • Free download of your App from iPhone or iTunes

  • Your app is free to download for any iPhone user. Why charge for your app, when you want as many users as possible.

  • Reliable, custom software without having to pay for development

  • Development has already been completed and continues. You get the expertise of our development staff. You get the latest releases of the Mobile Ticket App. While we may be on version 3, your version 1 will contain all of our updates. We have been developing for many months, and you can be live in just weeks. When Mobile Ticket App releases versions for the iPad, Droid, and Black Berry, these will be available to you.

  • Creates a mobile market for Ticket Resellers

  • 33 Million iPhones in use. Don’t ignore this market, embrace it.

  • Appeals to the impulse purchase

  • Your app can be used anywhere. We have noticed weekend purchases and late night purchases, perhaps these decisions are being made over dinner, at the bar, with friends and family.

  • Buyers can purchase tickets anywhere, anytime

  • Anywhere, anytime. Sure, your website offers the same service, but your website is not embedded on the mobile device, nor is it a constant reminder of the app of the phone.

  • Buyers can easily find tickets nearby

  • Too bad the computer does not use GPS to locate the computer position. Some very expensive websites use IP address location to serve tickets, but most do not. And if your website does, you probably already have a ticket app. But wait, we only know of four other ticket apps for the iPhone.

  • Increase closing ratio

  • If the ease of buying tickets on the iPhone is not enough, we provide a call button to contact you on the purchase screen. Even more powerful, is the fact that the app stores sensitive client information including credit card information on the secure key chain on the iPhone. This makes repeat sales as easy as clicking “purchase tickets.”

  • Builds your brand recognition

  • Your app is built into the iPhone. Your customized app button is on the retail buyer’s iPhone screen. Every time the user scrolls through their apps, they will see your app button.

  • The best mobile ticket app will be your ticket app

  • Your Mobile Ticket App is waiting, built, and improved. The Mobile Ticket App is the best and will continue to be the best. The question is when will it be your app?

  • The iPhone can buy tickets on our website already, why do I need an app?

  • So you do not have an iPhone, and you are not sure why an app is better than surfing the web with your iPhone. Apple has done a great job of allowing surfing of website. But think about it, the website was built for a computer monitor, not a 5 inch screen. Some Ticket Resellers have built a mobile version of their website, this works well for a smaller screen, but does not have the intelligence that an app has. The iPhone has built in technology including GPS. GPS allows Mobile Ticket App to serve events based on location. The retail buyer can also make a phone call from the app directly to your sales department, and we log those calls. Your website does not store sensitive client information, like billing address and credit card. We utilize the secure key chain storage on the iPhone to store the client’s information. A repeat purchase is as easy as clicking “purchase tickets.” Soon, we will release a push technology that allows the Ticket Reseller to notify the app users proactively of special sales or events. What this means, is that you can play a significant role on the mobile device that your retail buyer carries with them at all times.